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Below is a list of topics that will help keep seniors safe when making important financial decisions. Click the plus sign next to the topic to reveal resources.

  • Up-to-date information on recent frauds that exploit seniors
  • Financial caregiver information
(888) 687-2277
Better Business Bureau 
  •  Scam alerts
  • Reporting scams
(703) 276-0100
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
(Office of Older Americans)
  • Information and tools for managing finances and preventing financial exploitation
  • Fraud alert information
(855) 411-2327
Consumer.gov Information on scams and identity theft

Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies  Place a fraud alert to receive free credit report from each agency
Annual Credit Report.com  Free copy of your credit report from each major credit rating agency once every 12 months 

 Direct Mail Association Register for "Do Not Mail" list

Federal Bureau of Investigation   Information on protecting yourself against scams
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation How banks help victims of identity theft
(877) 275-3342
 Federal Trade Commission
  • Warning signs of identity theft
  • Report identity theft
  • Get scam alerts
  • Register for "Do Not Call"
  • Tips for protecting credit and debit cards

FTC Identity Theft Webpage

Financial Fraud Enforcement task Force
  • Advice for avoiding and defending against scams and elder fraud
  • What to do if you're a victim of fraud
  • Reporting fraud to authorities
(202) 514-2000
National Consumers League Information on avoiding telemarketing and internet fraud
(800) 876-7060
 Save and Invest Instructions for reporting scams, identity theft, and other fraud

Social Security Administration Information about and application for representative payee
(800) 772-1213
USA.gov Information on identifying and protecting yourself against scams and frauds
(844) 872-4681
Administration for Community Living Information on services for older persons and adults with disabilities
(202) 401-4634
Eldercare Locator Access to local services for seniors, their families and caregivers
(800) 677-1116
National Adult Protective Services Association
  • Elder abuse reporting contacts for every state
  • Explanation of Adult Protective Services' responsibility to investigate elder abuse and help its victims
  • Information on financial exploitation of the elderly

(217) 523-4431
 National Center on Elder Abuse Information about elder abuse and access to inventions and support services for seniors
NCEA Website 
National Council on Aging
  • Comprehensive, free online service to help older adults find work, cut spending, reduce debt, and use home equity
  • Comprehensive, free online service to help with limited income identify benefits
  • Financial education program
NCOA Website
Social Security Administration Information about and applications for representative payee
(800) 772-1213
U.S. Department of Justice Comprehensive information on elder financial exploitation DOJ Website
 Women's Institute for Secure Retirement  Financial steps for caregivers  WISER Website
Veterans Affairs  Information for retirement payees  VA Website

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