Popmoney® is an easy way to pay and get paid without writing checks or finding an ATM for cash. All you need is an email address, mobile phone number or account number to securely send money from bank account to bank account. You can send or request money from an individual or a group from your computer or mobile phone. Popmoney® is one way State Bank of Arizona is making banking easier for its customers. Fees and conditions apply.

  • Pay bills: Owe someone money? You can send payment via Popmoney® with just the person's mobile phone number or email address.
  • Get paid: If someone owes you money, send a payment request through Popmoney® and they can make a payment directly to your bank account. (This feature is only available through online banking.)
  • Split a bill: If you are splitting an expense between multiple people, Popmoney® can help. Read more
  • Schedule payments:   Popmoney® allows you to schedule an upcoming or recurring payment. (This feature is only available through online banking.) 

For More Information, Visit: Popmoney Website 

How To Access

Popmoney® is part of Online and Mobile banking. A Personal Banker can assist you in setting up an access ID, password and first-time log in.

Popmoney® instructions for Mobile banking

Popmoney® instructions for Online banking

Have questions or need more help? Request information online or contact your local branch