Deposit checks anywhere, any time. Mobile deposit is a feature on the Mohave State Bank (MSB) mobile app that lets you use your smartphone camera to deposit checks wherever you are, 24/7. Mobile deposit makes depositing paper checks quick and convenient with no need for a branch, ATM or deposit slip. Plus, you will have a 30 day deposit history with check images and details.

How to Access

Mobile Deposit Guidelines

  • Begin by signing the back of the check and writing the words "For Mobile Deposit Only”.
  • Be sure the image is clear and all four corners of the check are shown.
  • When photographing the back of the check, the endorsement must be on the right side of the photo.
  • Make sure the dollar amount entered on the app matches the amount on the check.
  • Keep your checks for 30 days or one statement cycle. After confirming that your deposits are correct on your bank statement, you can destroy the paper checks.
  • Standard check deposit limit: $1,500 per check
  • Standard daily deposit limit: $3,000

Have questions or need more help? Request information online or contact your local branch