Signing up for electronic statements (eStatements) helps you save trees, reduce paper clutter, avoid identity theft, and allows you access to banking statements online at anytime. eStatements are a no charge benefit of State Bank of Arizona accounts. 

  • Password security: Would be thieves can't steal statements from your mailbox. eStatements can't be accessed without an online password. 
  • 24/7 access: eStatements are online, which means you can access them almost anytime and from almost anywhere.
  • Go green: Help the environment by reducing your use of paper.
  • Reduce clutter: eStatements are easily received and stored online which reduces your paper clutter.

Image promoting an statement video tutorial

How to Enroll

Click and view the video tutorial, download and print the instructions, or visit a personal banker.

Accessing eStatements

  1. Select your account then click the "Documents" button .
  2. Next select a document type from the drop down menu. Selecting “Checking Account ­Statements” will ­include item images. Selecting “Checking Acct Stmts NO IMAGES” will assist you in balancing your ­account.  
  3. Input a date range. You will have access to your statements for over two years or until the account is closed.
  4. Click the submit button. A list of statements will be generated.
  5. After clicking a statement from the list, you can print, save, or view it.

How to Cancel

To cancel eStatements, please contact a Personal Banker. 

Have questions or need more help?  Request information online or contact your local branch