Setting up account alerts allows you to monitor transactions on your State Bank of Arizona accounts. These alerts will notify you when withdrawals and deposits are made, and will give you a reminder of upcoming payments. Alerts are received by text or email messages and can be customized to meet your needs. Account alerts are one way the Bank is helping its customers manage their money.

  • Account management: Monitor your account balances and transactions by receiving text or email alerts.
  • Security: Have up-to-date information on when and what transactions are occurring on your accounts. 

How to Access

  1. Simply log on to online banking and click "Messages" on the top menu. 
  2. From the "Alerts" menu choose the alert type. 
  3. Next click "Setup New Alert".
  4. Click on the top right pull down menus for account type and alert preference. After you have made your selections click "Next".
  5. Next select your account and alert details. Enter your email or phone number where you wish to receive your alert. Click "Finish".

To view, edit, or delete alerts, first log on to online banking and click "Messages". Choose the alert type you would like to modify. Next locate and click "New", "View", "Edit", or "Delete" listed next to the alert. Make your changes and click "Finish". 

Have questions or need more help?  Request information online or contact your local branch