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 The Bank's Routing Number is 122105472.

Do you need the Routing Number for other financial institutions? Try the American Banker Association's online Routing Number Lookup .

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All client-initiated withdrawals are posted to your account at the end of each business day in low to high dollar amount.
Yes, they will show up online under the current day transaction option.
You can avoid overdraft fees by keeping sufficient funds in your account to cover any withdrawals you make. Recording electronic transactions in your register right away helps to keep your records as current as possible. Online, Mobile and Telephone banking are also available to monitor your account activity as frequently as you desire at no charge. When you receive your monthly statement, balance your account to make sure you recorded everything. As an added precaution, we do offer overdraft protection options if you would like to apply.
The account number is the number immediately following the routing number at the bottom of your check. Our bank routing number 122105472 is listed first followed by your checking account number.
You can change your address by visiting any of our branches to complete a Change of Address form. You can also send a letter that includes your account number(s) and signature to Mohave State Bank, 1771 McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 or your local branch.
You can order checks online at or you may visit any of our branches during business hours. Deposit slips can also be ordered at any of our branches during business hours.
You may call or visit any of our branches to place a stop payment. A signature is required and fees may apply.
If another financial institution or company, such as an insurance company or health club, is debiting your account, you will need to contact them directly to cancel the auto-debit.
If Mohave State Bank/Country Bank is debiting your account for payment on a Mohave State Bank/Country Bank loan or service, please mail a letter instructing us to cancel the auto-debit to: Mohave State Bank, 1771 McCulloch Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 or visit us at one of our branches.
Requests for an outgoing wire transfer must be originated in person at one of our branches during lobby hours. You will need to contact the receiving company/organization to obtain their wire instructions. There are fees to send wires both domestically and internationally.
You will need the following bank information:

Mohave State Bank
1771 McCulloch Blvd.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Ph. 928-855-0000
ABA/Routing number: 122105472
You will also need to provide your account number to the company who will be wiring the funds to you. Fees may apply. For more information, please contact one of our branches.
An electronified check means that the information from the paper check has been submitted to us electronically. The merchant or other financial institution guarantees that this is a true representation of the paper check and that they are submitting the electronic request in place of the paper check. They further guarantee that the paper check will not be submitted for payment. With an electronified check, the Bank does not receive the paper check; therefore, we cannot supply you with an image of the check with your statement.
Yes, whether you’re saving for the short or long-term, Mohave State Bank and Country Bank have a variety of options that will help you meet your investment goal! Read more >>
We provide Cashier’s Checks, which are guaranteed funds, for Bank clients. They are available at any of our branches. Fees may apply.
Yes, we do offer Cashier’s Checks. You can request them at any of our branches. Fees may apply.
Notary service are available at any of our branches during lobby hours. However, to ensure a notary will be available when needed, please call the branch.
Safe deposit box availability varies by branch. It is best to check with the most convenient branch to determine if the box size you would like is available.
A third party can request a written payoff quote by emailing the request to The request must include the client’s written authorization.
You can change your PIN by calling 1-800-472-3272.
There is one primary checking account accessible when using the Visa Debit Check Card for making purchases. You may add secondary accounts to your Visa Debit Check Card by visiting one of our branches. These secondary checking accounts are only accessible through ATMs.
A replacement card should arrive by the end of the month that the card is supposed to expire. i.e. If your card expires 11/17, your replacement card should be mailed mid-month November. If you haven’t received your replacement card by the end of the month, your card will expire. Please contact one of our branches if you did not receive your card.
Please contact one of our branches to report unauthorized transactions on your debit card. 
To report a lost or stolen card, please call (800) 472-3272.
For help logging into online banking, please contact your local branch. Let us know any error information you receive during your attempts. We will assist you log on. We are available during business hours Monday - Friday. 
For additional help, please submit your question or request online or contact your local branch .