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Debit Cards & Travel (Old)


REMINDER! Call us if you are traveling.

Call a Mohave State Bank personal banker if you are planning to travel. We will make sure that you will be able to continue using your debit card while traveling. Mohave State Bank is serious about doing all we can to ensure your security.

Call us today if you plan to travel:

Lake Havasu City:
1771 McCulloch Blvd. (928) 855-0000
1021 N. Lake Havasu Ave. (928) 453-0000

Bullhead City: 3651 Highway 95, 704-0000

3737 Stockton Hill Rd. (928) 692-9200
2202 Hualapai Mtn. Rd. (928) 753-0000

Yuma: 1800 S. 4th Ave. (928) 344-8822